MatchIPL Season 5 Update

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Announcement – MatchIPL 2023 Qualification Update 

In December 2022 PokerMatch India announced a great partnership with the Match Indian Poker League. PokerMatch India has partnered with the World’s First Professional Match Poker league, the MatchIPL thereby strengthening the Indian poker market and the poker community. The league was founded in 2017 and has already conducted four successful seasons. Over the years, more than 8.6 crores in prize money has been paid out in the league, with the winning teams representing India at the International Federation of Match Poker’s Nations Cup events.

We will do everything possible to make the game in our room comfortable and interesting for each new customer. The online poker community needs more like-minded people, so we are building the friendliest community in the industry. It is very united, and thanks to this, we have achieved a level of loyalty that is simply unachievable for many competitors. We know how to make players fall in love with poker. Therefore, we are sincerely glad to join the competition of such a scale. PokerMatch India is confident that the upcoming poker tournament, Match IPL, will be organised at a high level. The Indian poker players and teams will once again demonstrate a high level of their skills. We wish inspiration and good luck to the future champions.” comments Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch International.

The league’s governing council and organising committee has decided to host the 5th season in July, with the winning team going on to represent Team India at the Nations Cup later this year. Therefore we will be launching a new schedule of online qualifiers starting in March, offering many more opportunities for aspiring league and national team players to win their way to the grandest stage of sports poker.

You can register for the Qualifiers as early as March 1, 2023 and all details including the exact schedule and structure will be released via the Match Poker India website and social media in the coming weeks. We thank the poker community for their interest and patience in dealing with the teething issues experienced in the early stages of the qualifiers, and are grateful for all the feedback in helping us improve the overall offering and gameplay experience. We are working hard to offer the Indian market a world class online poker platform which provides the best practices and fair competition to all players.

More information, as well as the schedule will be available on the PokerMatch India website 

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