Team India is Ready for the Nations Cup, but first Qualifying!

After our resounding victory in Taiwan at the 2019 Asian Nations Cup, and a solid 4th place finish in the 2020 Virtual Nations Cup, the Indian national Match Poker team is excited about the upcoming Nations Cup Qualifier for the Asian region on Sunday.

The team will be captained by Jagdeep Singh, who lead his Haryana Hawks to victory in season 4 of India’s national league – the MatchIPL. He will be joined by Pratibha Arya, Gaurav Kalra, Amit Varma, Ishaan Punjani, Anuj Kumar Kodam and Tanmay Bagga. Apart from Tanmay all the others have represented the Haryana Hawks under Jagdeep’s captaincy, consistently putting on impressive performances and displaying their skill. Tanmay was an integral part of India’s 2019 Asian Nations Cup victory, and is one of nation’s most experienced Match Poker athletes – he will make a valuable addition to the squad and improve our chances of success. Kalyan Chakravarty was also meant to be a part of the squad but had to pull out in the last minute due to a health issue.

India will play against Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Kazakhstan on Sunday. The single day qualifier will see all 6 nations play 4 session of 5o hands each, to determine the first Asian nation to qualify for the Nations Cup Finals at the end of the year.

Captain – Jagdeep Singh (36 years)

I have been playing poker professionally since 8 years. I enjoy playing all formats of poker but I find cash games most satisfying because of additional complexity involved in deep stack games.

Match Poker is fascinating concept that changes an individual game like poker into a team game in the process making it a completely different game. Winning team generally is the team with most evolved strategy and good implementation of it. So it involves everyone playing as a unit and in a similar manner.


Team Member – Amit Varma (47 years)

Amit Varma is a writer and podcaster based in Mumbai.

Match Poker is a different sport from conventional No Limit Hold ‘Em. Understanding these differences is key to winning.


Team Member – Gaurav Kalra (39 years)

Tech Geek

Match Poker is making Texas Hold’em Poker a team sport with strategy spanning across a team than an individual, exciting concept.


Team Member – Ishaan Punjani (30 years)


Team Member – Pratibha Arya (27 years)

Small fish in the world of sharks

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For me the different in Match Poker is that I can atleast win with my team in MatchIPL, whereas in conventional Texas Holdem, that’s not even a possibility!


Team Member – Tanmay Bagga (28 years)

Professional poker player


Team Member – Anuj Kumar Kodam